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The kingdom of Gunjur was headed by Foday Kabba Touray in the 18 century. After Foday’s death he was succeeded by Ebrima Kombo Sillah Touray who graduated from The Arabic Dara School in Casamance Southern Senegal.

The mission of the kingdom was to fight, conquer and establish Islam, also to expand the kingdom and collect alms from them,


He appointed a citizen of Gunjur as his representative for administration. This had been happening before the arrival of the British colonialist in The Gambia. Before the arrival of the British, almost  half of The Gambia was under the administration of the King of Gunjur (Ebrima Kombo Sillah).

The king had fought to dislocate so many communities in The Gambia in order to expand his Kingdom. The dislocated communities  reported the case to the British after their arrival in the Gambia that the King of Gunjur had fought them and dislocated them from their indigenous villages and now they want to go back to resettle and join with their families who were under the forceful control of The King.

The British told them that because he was a king they would call a meeting and ask him to leave voluntarily from the captured settlements.

The King was asked to leave voluntarilyd but his generals persuaded him to stand fast and fight the British .

The British told the king if you don’t leave voluntarily then  we will force you to leave. The generals told their King that they were behind him at any cost so the King agreed with his generals decision to be ready for anything not knowing  that The British were having sophisticated weapons.

Since the village is located on the coast, the British came by sea and bombed the village. Because the village houses were made of thatch roofing, the whole village was burned to ashes. The King and the villagers ran to Casamance and were picked up by French colonialists who took him to Senegal to a village called Nghaimehe where he died and was never te return to Gunjur. That was the cause of The lost Kingdom of Gunjur Dabanani.

Since there has been no proper documentation of the village history, only narration from one generation to the next.


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