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Artefacts you can see at at Lamin's home

The Artefact Collection is the most important issue in this endeavour and the most difficult task.


Building a structure at the museum is based in physical work but for the collection of the artefacts it is very different.

This task is based in our minds, collecting an indigenous belonging/heritage from the historical owner who has been living with that artefact for a life time using it for different traditional works or ceremonies is a hard task.

This has made it difficult for me to collect the artefacts from the people. Some people may even believe I will use their possession to enrich myself.


The biggest concern is that the younger generation place little value on these important treasures so when the elders pass away their off children do not care about their own heritages and sometimes it leads to the loss and destruction of the artefacts.

Some are eaten by termites and some sold to the old iron sellers from Senegal for recycling at Dakar .


Lamin employs methodology by sensitisation, sensitising the local people about the significance of the museum in the community and what will happen to their artefact after they die.

Taking an example from the other communities artefacts that have been lost and the traditional values that are now declining.

Through this method he is able to acquire some artefacts from his people but mostly using money as compensation or sometimes using other influential village members to acquire artefacts from them.

Some villagers even give there artefact to Lamin for free.. To date I have been able to acquire a reasonable amount of artefacts which will be displayed in the museum and they will be moved there as soon as the final works are completed.


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